Fall Planting Membership Drive

The Parkdale Beautification Committee is working on updating the Fairway Island with a Fall planting.  A list of new plants has been drafted by the committee that are part of a new design for the island.  The budget for the Fall planting is $2500.  Currently, there are only a few members supporting neighborhood projects.  However, we need to grow our membership with 10 new members before we can proceed with the plan as currently designed.

We will update this page with the status of this membership drive: 

 2  8 Members To Go!

Join today and get both the brand new Parkdale T-Shirt and Paperwhite (narcissus papyraceus) bulbs as thank you gifts:

Fairway Island at Lawnview

Below is the garden design drafted by Loren Axberg and Stephen Harper.

Artist Rendering Site Plan 
Draft Plan Rendering
Fairway Island Site Plan

The new plan for the Fairway Island calls for the following items to be installed during the Fall planting:
  • afghan pine / pinus eldarica (3) (30 gal; at least 8 ft trees)
  • yaupon hollies (2) (10+ gallon)
  • wax myrtle (2) (5+ gallon)
  • red yucca (3) (3+ gallon)
  • river rock (1 cubic yard)
  • landscape rock (1 or more large rocks, 3 ft+)
  • agave (1) (3+ gallon)

What's Next?  Join and Find Out!

There are many locations that are future planned beautification projects.  In order to focus our attention on these new sites, we need to continue to grow our sustaining memberships.  Please provide your helping hand to the community by joining in today.  Members help drive what projects are focused on next.  So join today and have your say!