Parkdale's beautification projects make the neighborhood an inviting place to live and decreases crime by demonstrating Parkdale's sense of community.  There are many gardening enthusiasts residing in Parkdale.  These enthusiasts focus on beautification projects like the Fairway Island, the Military bridge and are developing other similar projects.  

Summer 2011 - Before Updates Spring 2012 - After Updates

Fairway Island North - Before

After Updates - Spring 2012

Fairway Island South - Before
After updates - Spring 2012

These projects involve planting trees, establishing flower beds, creating graffiti impediments, and increasing aesthetic appeal within and around Parkdale.  Each additional project offers continuous improvement to the neighborhood.

Anything that obstructs or distracts from the beauty of Parkdale is addressed by the beautification group.  Trash invites more trash, and graffiti invites more graffiti.  By focusing on cleanup activities promptly, this group is strengthening the Parkdale community.

Graffiti Removal